Pirnar is a leading European innovator in the field of entry doors. Established in 1968, Pirnar doors are a handmade masterpiece, perfectly shaped and flawlessly crafted in every detail. They were the first to develop a multi-level design for an aluminum door panel. The extraordinary 5.5 inch thick door panel gives the feeling of castle-like protection and safety. The doors are manufactured to the highest standards with excellent thermal and soundproof insulation.



The latest innovation: Pirnar OneTouch

Pirnar OneTouch is the first and only entrance in the world to feature an automated pull-out and pull-in handle. As the hidden fingerprint reader recognizes the owner, a handle slides out automatically, illuminating the surroundings while the door unlocks itself. Seconds after being closed, the door turns into a smooth surface as the handle disappears. The hidden handle makes it impossible for uninvited guests to manipulate the entry in any way. This is why it is referred to as "the most personal entrance in the world."

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